Math Field Day Winners

Calhoun County held Math Field Day this month. Special thanks to the teachers who helped organize the event at each of their schools, Carissa Yoak at Pleasant Hill, Mary Hoskins at Arnoldsburg, Amy Fitzwater at LKVCS and Special thanks to Kelsey Jett for organizing both CCMHS and county level events.  Students participated by taking a retired Regional Math Field Day Test.

1st- 3rd places for grades 4th -9th , and the places 1st-10th of the Senior High Team  will attend the Regional Math Field Day in Parkersburg on Monday February 13th , 2023.  Alternates may have the opportunity to attend if a teammate is unable to attend. 

Congratulations to the following students. 

Calhoun County MFD 4th Grade
  First Last School
1st  Jacob Gumm PHE
2nd  Jayla  Cadle PHE
3rd  Chandler Cottrell AES
1st Alt Audrey Johnson PHE
2nd Alt Jebadiah Shields PHE
3rd Alt Allie Frederick PHE

Calhoun County MFD 5th Grade
  First Last School
1st  Luke Strange-Paylor CCMHS
2nd  Chelsea Bailey CCMHS
3rd  Layla Parsons CCMHS
1st Alt Coah Hall CCMHS
2nd Alt Emma Frail CCMHS
3rd Alt Ellie Hall CCMHS

Calhoun County MFD 6th Grade
  First Last School
1st  Jude Walker LKVCS
2nd  Brodyn Rowe LKVCS
3rd  Lydia Starcher CCMHS
1st Alt Greyson Hill CCMHS
2nd Alt Trinity Probasco CCMHS
3rd Alt Jace Lemon CCMHS

Calhoun County MFD 7th Grade
  First Last School
1st  Evan Burch CCMHS
2nd  Jasmyne Tingler CCMHS
3rd  Ryleigh Garrett CCMHS
1st Alt Hoyt Helmick CCMHS
2nd Alt Kian Wise CCMHS
3rd Alt Tucker  Sampson CCMHS
Calhoun County MFD 8th Grade
  First Last School
1st  Raylee Cunningham CCMHS
2nd  Micah Allen CCMHS
3rd  Madison Cunningham CCMHS
1st Alt Landon White CCMHS
2nd Alt Kylee Quick CCMHS
3rd Alt Kadence Remele CCMHS

Calhoun County MFD 9th Grade
  First Last School
1st  Ashlynn Fletcher CCMHS
2nd  Hallie Mace CCMHS
3rd  Emily Basnett CCMHS
1st Alt Jalynn Graham CCMHS
2nd Alt Hannah Knicley CCMHS
3rd Alt Katie Dooley CCMHS

Calhoun County Team 10-12
  Name School
1 Levi Morris CCMHS
2 Brylee Rowe LKVCS
3 Mason Siwicki CCMHS
4 Marlee Hall CCMHS
5 Lee Capps CCMHS
6 Owen Taylor CCMHS
7 Whitney Nettles CCMHS
8 Zenna Zwoll CCMHS
9 Kade Swearingen CCMHS
10 Felicity Marks CCMHS
Alternate Jaelyn Jett CCMHS