Math Field Day Winners

Students from across Calhoun County put their math skills to the test Tuesday, February 15th taking the annual county Math Field Day test. Students who place in the Calhoun County Math Field Day will have the opportunity to compete in the Western Regional Math Field day held March 15th, at WVUP.   

Math Field Day is designed as an enrichment activity that allows students to demonstrate their math knowledge through competition in computational and procedural skill, conceptual understanding and problem solving. 

Congratulations to the following students! 

Math Field Day Winners   2021-2022 

 High School (10-12) 

1.) Levi Morris  CCMHS

2.) Brylee Rowe  LKVCS 

3.) Josie Montgomery  CCMHS

4.)  Mason Siwicki/Jaelyn Jett (tie)  CCMHS 


High School (9th

1.) Lauren Lovejoy CCMHS

2.) Camron Jarvis  CCMHS

3.) Alex Anderson  CCMHS

4.) N/A 


Middle School: 


1.) Killian Kimble  CCMHS

2.) Maddison McCumbers CCMHS 

3.) Emily Basnett  CCMHS

4.) Faith McClain   CCMHS



1.) Clay Allison  CCMHS

2.)  Raylee Cunningham  CCMHS 

3.) Maddox Siwicki   CCMHS

4.) Rylea Campbell   CCMHS



1.) Josie Richards   CCMHS

2.) Tucker Sampson   CCMHS

3.) Colby Staples   CCMHS

4.) Jasmyne Tingler   CCMHS



1.) Jude Walker  LKVCS

2.) Greyson Hill  CCMHS

3.) Jace Lemon   CCMHS

4.) Kelbie Johnson   CCMHS


Elementary School: 


1.) Ellie Hall      AES

2.) Luke Strange-Paylor    AES 

3.) Mason Cunningham     PHE

4.) Payton Quick       AES