πŸŽ‰ Calhoun County Math Field Day 2024: Celebrating Our Bright Minds! πŸŽ‰

Calhoun County students recently participated in Math Field Day, where our young math enthusiasts showcased their problem-solving prowess. Let’s give a round of applause to these talented students who conquered numbers, equations, and mathematical challenges with gusto! 🌟 Students will travel to WVUP on March 18th to compete in the Regional Math Field Day, with students from Pleasants, Wood, Tyler, Jackson, Ritchie, Wirt, and Roane County Schools. 

4th Grade Team
Mason Sampson -AES
Kenlie Jarvis  -AES
Audry McCumbers -AES
Alternate:  Jaselyn Adams -AES

5th Grade Team 
Koby Crislip -CCMHS
Evan Griffin -CCMHS
Chandler Cottrell -CCMHS
Alternate: Parker Hoskins - CCMHS 

6th Grade Team
Ellie Hall -CCMHS
Payton Quick -CCMHS
Reagon Morgan -CCMHS
Alternate: Emma Frail - CCMHS 

7th Grade Team
Brodyn Rowe LKVCS
Jace Lemon - CCMHS
Trevor Mayle - CCMHS
Alternate: - Sam Bailey- CCMHS

8th Grade Team 
Evan Burch - CCMHS
Lucien Springston - CCMHS
 Jasmyne Tingler- CCMHS
Alternate: Bret Richards- CCMHS

CCMHS 10-12th grade team
Devin King 
Maggie Mitchell
Logan Walls
Faith McClain
Owen Taylor 
Trenton Nelson
Whitney Nettles
Tyler Whited
Lee Capps
Lindsey Nettles